Berket bs-06

Lunch meat and Pastirma slicer
Berket BS-06

Lunch meat and Pastirma slicer
Berket BS-06


1- Can cut each kind of meat and cheese products (using manual or automa8c way). So the machine can cut (Lunch meat, Pas8rma, Cheddar Cheese, Roumy & Edam cheese).
2- Can cut all the frozen products.
3- The thickness of the slice can be controlled and adjusted according to the needs, star8ng from 1 mm – 25 mm.
4- No wasted products during the cuMng process.


1- The machine has an adjus8ng device for adjus8ng the knife blade.
2- The machine has a device to control the needed thickness of the slice.
3- The machine has a holder in order to hold the product during the cuMng process.
4- All the moving parts of the machine based on ball bearings.

How to use:

1- Connect the machine with the electricity.
2- Pulling the front arm of the machine and turning it down.
3- Raising the arm of the holder.
4- Placing the product on the cuMng disk.
5- Fixing the arm of the holder on the product.
6- Adjus8ng the holder and the cuMng disk in front of the knife.
7- Adjus8ng the thickness of the needed slice.
8- Locking the machine by the interlock arm.
9- Pressing the start buXon.

 Power supplies    
 Power source  (220/230)  (V)
 Frequency  (50/60)  (Hz)
 External dimensions  ( 60/75/55 )  (WxDxH)
 Packaged External dimensions  (80/100/70 )  (WxDxH)
 Weight  ( 99 )  ( Kg )


1- There is an aluminium cover around the knife in order to protect the user.
2- The holder is disconnected automa8cally and directly aPer finishing the cuMng process.


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